Taming the Animal Kingdom, Trendease International

Designers using animals as their inspiration is a prevalent theme in the design world. With the Campana Brothers administering snakes and other creature features on ceramic plates and Thomas Eyck showcasing a limited edition swarm of beetles, the animal kingdom seems to be taking over the interior. Depicting animals allows designers to work with bright colors, volume, space, and repetition, all of which are key elements of pleasing aesthetics.

Euro Tropiques looks like no other table service. Vividly colored and deliciously alluring. The work of quintessential Brazilian brothers, the Campana Brothers is unconventional and fresh! Apart from their crazy furniture, it was very exciting to witness these designers taking risks with ceramics while creating awe-inspiring plates for Bernardaud. “In general we work with volume, but here we had to place motifs with the use of collages, cutting and assemblage on flat surfaces. It was exciting to have to work in a different manner that opened us to other perspectives,” the Campana Brothers explained.

In the past, the Campana Brothers have made us question what defines an object’s functionality. It has been truly amazing to see what the brothers can create with seemingly useless items! Vibrantly colored replicas and impressions of assorted organic materials and stuffed animals are more prevalent in the Campana Brothers’ furniture; it is intriguing to see how they have translated their style into 2D and in an entirely new product category. On the plates we see classic compositions with rigorous symmetries.

Creatures on plates, what about ceramic bugs on the wall? This installation, Schwarm, by RaR is available through Thomas Eyck for a mere 28.400,00 euros. The 63 different beetles can invade one’s home with their impeccable porcelain craftsmanship. Their bright colors, diverse shapes and interesting three dimensional forms establish a realistic feel. This collection is perfect for anyone trying to liven up a room or attract attention to a specific area, but the limited and numbered editions mean that there will only be ten lucky collectors.

But that is not all! Jellyfish are making their way from the water to the home, tables are sprouting legs, and fine porcelain is invaded by the great outdoors. This trend is growing in popularity, will the design world be able to tame the animal stampede?

—The Trendease Team

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